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Our values

We value the people. YOON Group builds positive relations with team members and partners in business so the work goes smoothly and quickly. Our most important value is teamworking - we trust each other, we help each other, we are involved and responsible for our actions. Very important for us is openness and multi-cultural cooperation because this is stimulating our creativity. We believe that with appreciated and integrated team we can reach the stars.


We achieved very high standards in design and construction and focus on continuously improving our skills. While provide our service we always follow certain rules: professionalism, responsibility, commitment. Our goal is to reduce risk by eliminate defects and waste and improve every tender detail as soon as possible for costs savings in the future.

We are working hard

We like to see perfect results of our work. Our hard work and ability to provide consistent delivery of the project at every stage of work are making our clients full satisfied. YOON Group team has appropriate competences and use the best practices to adapt to customer expectations what strengthens our efficiency.


Our biggest strength is experience in industrial projects including projects for Korean clients. Thanks to that we build a brand which is attracting future industry leaders. We were trusted by many international concerns and still want to expand our horizons.

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As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.

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YOON Group Health & Care provides WeClean - innovative escalators cleaning system!

In times of a global pandemic, we must react quickly to adapt to the new reality. A new branch of our company - YOON Group Health & Care was created to ensure our common safety.

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  • Interior Designer

    Yoon Group's design team keeps growing! We are looking for an experienced interior designer who will support our design department with his skills.

  • Architect Assistant

    Be a part of our Design Division and create with us projects for the biggest worldwide industrial concerns

  • Structure Designer Assistant

    Join our team and design building structures working on large international investments!

  • Legal Specialist

  • Air conditioning fitter

  • Project Manager Assistant

  • Architect

  • Receptionist

  • Mechanical Designer

  • Construction Engineer

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